Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morticia, Gomez, and Thing..

OK. The only thing I really want to mention about the Morticia Addams dress is the "Fun Stix". Fun Stix are just a Wal-Mart name for 12 inch pipe cleaners, sold in the craft department. I spliced them together and sewed several of them into the hem of the bottom of the dress to help the tails splay outwards (the fake rose doubles as a prop to keep the tails out, btw).
 It was a good idea that worked, but went unnoticed--( just as I'd suspected). Everybody's eyes were on my best accessories, Gomez and Thing.

Alan created the "Thing" illusion entirely from scratch, using a fake hand to hold the box, and then rigging his real hand into the box through a hole in the suit, all the while supporting the box with a handmade belt rig.

Thing entertained all evening by lighting cigarettes and buying drinks.
Thank You Thing.

Good Times.

(more KW: Morticia Addams Halloween Costume, Gomez, Thing, home-made, how-to )


Gretchen Kelly said...

That Gomez and THing really are amazing and win my prize. Even though your snazzy pipecleaner tails were such a labor of love and the shredded chiffon sleeves were so dramatic. You really had stiff competition. You and Gomez are very well suited as a couple.
I totally pooped out that night.

Hallie and Joe said...

I heart fun stix.
Ok I just wanted to say that.
But I do heart your gothic portrait by G to the K. you are quite the muse.

North Fifth Street said...

Take a moment to appreciate having a man with three hands...

Anonymous said...

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