Thursday, January 30, 2014

Deco robe RehaB

January is a great time to pull out unfinished projects and finish them the heck up already.  Here's one I just tackled.

A ladies 1930ish robe in a red low-nap flannel deco print.
I just swoon over an original deco pattern like this.

The taffeta collar and cuffs were in terrible condition, though.

Soiled, torn, and just plain Nasty.

I removed them to use as patterns, and then sacrificed  this perfectly good silk scarf

to make a new collar and cuffs. (This is when I got stuck and put the project away for two years, tick tock, tick tock.....)

When I found the project again recently I tackled the sash.

I was happy with how it turned out, but decided to also make a less casual fabric belt out of the last smidgeon of leftover scarf fabric.  Fortunately I hoard old  belt buckles from the same era.  This part was tedious,

but I like having the choice between the two belting options, since I like to wear the robe to work.