Friday, August 15, 2008

bridesmaid revisited

I did a double-take when saw the cover of this book yesterday,
"You Can Wear it Again, A Celebration of Bridesmaids' Dresses",

for I was a bridesmaid in a tacky mauve-taffetta-pseudo-can-can dress once:
A small miracle I am smiling in above picture (click it for higher res); I was the most miserable, uncooperative, stingy bridesmaid ever.  

The dress, hat, shoes cost well over $100, not to mention the necessary $20+ strapless brassiere (which I still have 26 years later thankyouverymuch).
  I was already a seasoned thrift-shopper at age 21, so these were astronomical amounts of money to me.

To make matters worse, I caused a mini-scandal when I showed up at the wedding with all my thick, luscious, hippie-chick armpit hair, despite urgent pleas from everyone that I shave it off for the wedding. 

So- I promised not raise my arms any higher than this:
Hideous as it was, I held onto that dress for more years than Heather and Les were married, clinging to some hope I'd figure out a way to use it again someday (yeah, Halloween...) but of course that day never came.


North Fifth Street said...

What happened to the dress? Did it turn out to be flammable?

And what happened to the blonde guy in the tux... groomsman? He looks kinda hot. I'm just sayin'...

cinthia said...

You've GOT to find many uses for that hat today. Oh yeah. Very Minnie Pearl if you hang a tag from it.