Monday, June 28, 2010

NY Souvenir

On Saturday a woman came into my shop looking for a souvenir scarf from the state of New York.  I pulled out a couple dozen souvenir scarves I keep behind the counter, but none were of New York, (she ended up settling for Florida and Montreal.)
I was curious what a NY scarf would feature/highlight in its graphics, so
when I got home that night I did some googling, expecting to find pages and pages of NY souvenir scarf imagery harvested from vintage websites and ebay and etsy offerings.
 I was surprised to come up with nothing. I did find some World's Fair items, and this etsy listing  for a NY CITY scarf, -and a wonderful Tammis Keefe NYC silk scarf here, but NO state scarves. Whattup?  I thought I had such great googling finesse?

The next morning, yesterday, I woke up and drove to a flea market.
Guess what I found.
Old, silk, New York, The Empire State souvenir scarf.

It's pretty great, except that the only serious damage on the map happens to be right in the mid-Hudson Valley, where I live. 
I really enjoy perusing the graphics on these scarves  (people on waterskis, factory towns, tourist attractions.....) and I have to wonder 
A)why they don't seem to make them anymore...  
B) If they made these scarves today, would Olana State Historic Site or The FASNY Museum of Firefighting be on the map?  

If you know of any current or recent souvenir scarf resources out there that I'm completely overlooking, feel free to send me the heads up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hudson Pride Rainbow

The first-ever Hudson Pride Parade and Rally were held here yesterday, and I figured out a cute way of getting Five and Diamond represented in the very well-attended parade. We were on TV and ev'rythang!

Big Thanks to my peeps Denise (red), John (yellow), Kari (green), Paula (blue), and Peter (purple) for rising to the occasion at the last minute and marching along with me. It was a blast!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank You Mrs. Poor!

Last weekend while I was away a woman came in and dropped off two old organza dresses as a donation.  All I know is that her name was Mrs. Poor.  She did not want money, and she did not leave a phone number. She just wanted to find a good home for some old dresses.
One dress was super-quaint/costumey, but quite dingy-- and to my surprise someone asked if they could buy it yesterday, before I could even remove it from its wire hanger and wash it.

The other one was this full length 1930s gown, with tiny white stars all over it.
It has a built-in taffeta slip, with a super-full trumpeted skirt with gathered flounce in back, plus the flouncy bib collar.  I made several minor repairs and added the new/old celluloid buckle to the front sash.   Usually dresses from this era are in tiny sizes, so naturally I was pretty delighted when I  discovered this fit me.  Flag Day is today and I want to wear it at least once before I move it along...

Monday, June 7, 2010

..some Happy Customers of late

1930s bias cut floral nightie:

Early 70s Indian cotton dress with midriff cutouts:

Cotton Crocheted dress, ca 1970s?:

Yummy olive and pink 1960s madras shirt:

1930s chiffon polka dots:

Blue Liederhosen: (he bought a lot of stuff but put these back at the last minute---too small)

1940s rayon suit jacket