Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hippie Chick Fashion Report

Just back from my annual weekend at Mountain Jam, best hippie-chick watching festival in the east.

Here's the quickie Fashion Wrap-up:

Best vintage,  by default, ( it was the only I could find, Ack!!.):

Best Smile and Flowers in her hair:

Best Hat:

Best patchwork ad nauseum:

Best, worst and only mullet:

Best t-shirt:

Best Little Edie Beale "You-can-always-take-off-the-skirt-and-use-it-as-cape" ensemble:

Best dressed musician, Richie Havens (yes I was this close):

Best save of an otherwise totally boring outfit by adding red cowboys boots (you can never go wrong--)

Best cowboy boots, overshadowed by worst tie-dye:

Worst public display of teeth-flossing during a Michael Franti set:
(ok...I swear, this woman spent a minimum of three minutes flossing right in front of me, looking up at the mountain, oblivious to me taking her picture. I took several---praying to God she would notice me and stop !)

And the Grand Prize Bestest Hippie Chick outfit of the weekend:
Holy earth tone sweater in broad horizontal stripes, worn with gauzy pink/charteus maxi skirt and pink and black Converse high-tops. Purple nail polish completes this fabulous ensemble. Humble, stylish, not overstated, not understated. My Favorite.

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