Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Carribano 502

Did I ever tell you how my shop used to be a reggae bar?
There was DJ booth, a mirrored barback, and a secret speakeasy-like lounge & kitchen in the basement, complete with posters of Jamaica hanging on the walls.
Where I sit behind the counter in my heap of projects is right where the dance floor used to be.
Around 2000 this neighborhood was so bad with drugs and crime the owners basically abandoned their business to save their sanity. A bullet hole on the Diamond Street side of the building remains as a reminder of Hudson's "Good Ol' Days".

When Alan bought the building in 2001, there were layers of bad panelling and linoleum, and a dropped ceiling. It all got peeled back to the original walls and floors.

Here are some before and after pictures of my shop.  Looking west:

And looking east:

(I am really good at filling up space with stuff.)


hallie said...

awesome - and inspiring!

bycinbyhand said...

would LOVE to see it in person. The quality of light's neat.