Monday, January 2, 2012

Costume Season Wrap-up

Let me purge the system of the last 3 months worth of costume fun, and then maybe I'll move back to the subject of vintage clothing.

First, in early October, during Artswalk, artist Melora Kuhn and Dina Palin hosted a Victorian Dinner in the shop window of Historical Materialism.  It was dinner, costume, and photography all in one.  I called it the Fishbowl Feast; this picture was taken by Melora from the sidewalk outside.
We should definitely do this more often. 

Window Mannequin Izzy wore the still-high-in-google-rankings Morticia dress

while I got busy on my Halloween costume of an Earl dog.

If you don't know what an Earl dog (or cat) is, you don't live in Hudson, and are missing out on a wonderful local institution: the Earl painting.  Earl is a local artist who sells his work on the street.
Cats, dogs, birds, celebrities, musicians are his favorite subject matter.
He also does commissions, and makes house calls. 
Gretchen and I dressed up as an Earl cat and dog for Halloween.  
On the night of the big party, there was freak blizzard here in Hudson, and I had to leave my bootie paws at home
but I so enjoyed being anonymous all night, and I'm quite sure I want to do another paper mache costume again next year.

My dog head even had a moving jaw and wagging tongue, held on with (hard to find!) paper fasteners.

For Halloween Day/Evening, I opted for a Tweed Ride around town dressed as Miss Elmira Gulch. 
photo by Trixie Starr
(The zombie crawl thing I attempted in 2010 never caught on but I'm still game if anyone's interested in 2012)
I had a basket and a Toto, and might've freaked a few kids out, but it was fun, and I managed to keep the long skirt out of the spokes and chain somehow.

A few days later I got to revive some of my vintage Barbie costume at a Habitat for Humanity fashion show.  According to stats, this Barbie is still the main reason anyone ever visits this crappy blog.

photo by Aaron Enfield

My last-minute Winter Walk costume was basically a recycle/rehash of my 2010 Gaga costume,
photo by Gretchen Kelly
with a long sparkly dress added, and silver crown, gloves and boots.
This costume was very popular with the hundreds (Thousands?) of children out that night, and I plan to do it again next year.  I need to name it though. I got called everything: "Glinda" "Glenda", "Wanda" "the Fairy Godmother,"  "the Fairy Princess"  and the "Wicked Witch of the West".(?)

Christmas came and went , and I forgot to wear this wonderful old red and green dirndl I bought over the summer. 

 I seem to have accumulated a nice assortment of vintage dirndls, and they are for sale---but you have to ask to see them.  Hit me up, even if only to ponder
the amazing smocking on these things.

Lastly, New Year's Eve.
For the Red Dot Moulin Rouge party, Gretchen and I dressed up as can-can girls. 
                        Before we went out, Gretchen did some quick paintings
                                                         which are for sale, and
 can be seen better on her blog,  Gretch Kelly Art.