Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Costume Ingredients

Vintage Nurse's Cap
Paper lanterns
SPray Paint, Cake decorating leaves, rubber cockroaches
Plastic Souvenir Fan from Florida
Gold shopping bag, bangles
Gold Decoupage Trims
more trim
Bead strands

Shower Curtain

The Corner of Fifth and Diamond

I promise to get back to the subject of vintage clothing after Halloween next week. Meanwhile, some now-and-then pics of our freshly primed baby....






Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Bags!

Behold ! the new Five and Diamond Shopping Bag:

Artist Laetitia Hussain helped me tweak the design, and then made the silkscreen. She screened 100 bags, and they are already selling. More importantly, I am no longer contributing to the plastic shopping bag crisis.

The flip side, literally, is Snoopy.
These bags are also already recycled; deadstock-promo give-aways originally issued by Met-life. I saved 1300 of them from landfill fate, for the same amount of money 1000 plastic bags would have cost me. Storing them takes up about fifty times the amount of space, but the good karma makes up for it.

The Five and Diamond bags start at $5 each. The price drops as you purchase goodies to go inside it. The Snoopy bags without the 5&D screening are still free with purchase.