Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quick Dye Note of Note

In an attempt to camouflage a blood stain (ack!) at the bottom hem of an otherwise stunning 1930s champagne pink silk negligee (middle of photo), I did an experimental dye bath yesterday combining Scarlett with Cocoa Brown.  I'm really excited about the kind of oxbloody results ---even though I ultimately decided to re-hem the piece and remove the stain entirely (the camouflage only works to a certain extent). With the extra hem fabric I was able to do some repairs on the straps. Now I need someone to come in a model it for me -it's totally divine.
Other random items that got tossed into the batch: Cotton mandarin dress with gold trim, 50s slip with lace insets, 30s rayon and lace camisole, and a satin and lace bed jacket, formerly powder blue (gag).