Friday, July 17, 2009

Watnot Redux This Morning!

Remember about a year and a half ago when I posted a big blog post about the Watnot Shop closing? Bestest junk store ever; I was pretty distraught at the time and I still haven't fully recovered...

Anyway, yesterday Mr. Tanner calls me on the phone and tells me he and Lois have been cleaning out their barn and have uncovered many more boxes of textiles and linens that haven't seen the light of day in decades---I should come check it out.

How cool is that?

They set up this morning at a barn sale out in the middle of apple farm country, a few miles out of town.

Complete with black cat and rusty old gas pump.

Check out my haul.
Beacon blankets and 1950s cowboy fabric:

Vintage buttons and spectacles:

Curtains and remnants galore:
and more curtains and remnants galore:

The only stuff that qualified as clothing for the shop were these hand tatted chemise tops:
But so what? I got a major junk fix, and am stockpiling a great collection for my week in Brimfield this September.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

say cheese

Sorry to be neglecting the blog so.
Hopefully I can find some time this week to pull some stuff together from the growing blog-clog file.
In the meantime, I did slop together this big fat video slide show the other day, from shop pictures taken over the last couple of years. (The music, a Michael Jackson In the Closet Remix, is one of my favorite MJ songs you never hear anywhere.)
Big Thank You to all the customers who let me take their picture! Enjoy...