Friday, January 22, 2010

blog clog vol IV

OK, I think I've got a halfway decent blog post in the works for the near future---a good story about a treasure-trove yard sale purchase---- but in the meantime, I bring you another clumsy edition of 'blog clog'

to clean out some of the stuff in the drafts file.

Let's start where I left off.

 Tommy, from my last blog post, came in the other day with his silver dread locks all freshly chopped off, and needed something for his new look. I had just a week before picked up this midnight blue dinner jacket with skinny black satin lapels -- and bingo--
--it fit like it was tailor made for him.

Kinda Blues Bros....

(which reminds me--- Tommy's Blue Sun Trio is playing at Savoia tonight at 9 pm 214 Warren St.)

2) Seen on the street

Nothing pleases me more than seeing Five and Diamond merch out there in the world-- weeks, months, maybe years after I've sold it. Saturday I was an art opening and spotted Gretchen carrying this 1920s floral pocketbook from 5 and D

She was totally working it with her hat and those bauble necklaces. Love all those colors!

Then a few minutes later I walk across the street to another art opening and there's Dawn in one of the Koos van Den Akker dresses she bought a few weeks ago.

The next morning I was walking the alleys and saw Holly wearing her new-old Catskill varsity jacket, (drat I forgot to take a pic!) and
then on Tuesday I'm playing Bingo at PM Wine Bar, and in walks this gentleman wearing a corduroy blazer from 5 and D.

(I so love the ones like this with the belted waist in back:)

Four tags in four days!

3) Delmar Bootery.

I want to get in a plug for the Delmar Bootery in Albany.  A couple of months ago I gathered up 6 pair of tattered boots from the back of my closet and took them to Delmar. All totally unwearable, but with which I still had serious attachment to.
It sort of felt like taking sick animals to the vet, and one pair even got rejected

"Sorry, there's nothing we can do...".

The five pair that they refurbished (Took only 10 days, BTW) came back beautiful

But I'm most excited about the really old Orange ones that I bought in a vintage store on Haight Street, SF in the early 80s , but wore 'til there was no heel left.

Here's a picture of me wearing them back then, marching outside the Museum of Modern Art in some labor dispute protest thing.
moma employee protest 1987
(This is pretty much how I survived those horrible 80s: mini skirts, turtlenecks, vintage men's jackets, Cowboy boots).

4) If the dress fits /Letting go again

Some dresses hang around the store for ages and only get ooohed and aaawed at. In the case of this border lace dress, only a very tall person could wear it, sinse it can not be hemmed. I asked this lovely 6 foot tall woman to model it for me,and when she came out of the dressing room told her she could have it for half price. Done.

Sorta similar story with this gorgeous Best and Co. velvet coat that was very, very tiny. In this case, way too many non-tiny people decided to try it on and button it up anyway, busting out the corner waist seams on it.  Argggh. You cannot repair L-shaped corner seams, people.

So I let Ngonda have if for 75% off!
5) Resolving
One of my New Year's resolution ideas for this blog was: For every picture I post of something sold, to also post a picture of something I haven't sold yet. I doubt I can stick to it, but will try here with some winter cover-ups.
First, the SOLDs:

And now for the UNSOLDS:

6) Grrrr. I really, really REALLY REALLY  REALLY hate google blogger today.
Really.  nightmare. When are we forming a local Hudson bloggers support group?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Letting go

This is Tommy Sharp, of the Hudson City Ramblers.

Tommy bought this amazing wool gabardine western shirt from me a couple months back. It was a rather expensive shirt, but I didn't make one penny on it.
I'd bought it for myself nearly 20 years ago, in a vintage clothing store on Bleeker Street named Chameleon, where I also worked for about 30 seconds, mending clothes in the basement/storeroom.
The shirt cost me $90, which trust me, was an extraordinary purchase for me at the time.  I paid for it in installments.

Oddly enough, over all these years- I wore it only once--- maybe, MaaaaaaYbe twice,


but in 5 years of having the shop I still haven't been able to bring myself to offer it for sale.

When Tommy came in looking for something special, I dug the shirt out of the back room, not really thinking he'd bite. I was wrong...but, I have no regrets. When I saw him sporting it on his facebook page a couple of weeks later I knew I'd waited for the right moment to part with it.