Friday, July 25, 2008

Some Girls

We have a motto at Five and Diamond Vintage:
"Some Girls..."

"Some girls you practically never find out what's the matter."

It's a line I plucked out of The Catcher in the Rye a couple of years ago and got sort of attached to for some reason.

If you don't get it, never mind.
(Hey, that would have made a good motto too--)

Or... just read the book again...

Anyway, I made a bunch of t-shirts and tanks bearing the quote, and wouldn'tcha know it, they actually got kind of popular this summer and sold out. (Maybe cuz I put them out where people could see them?)

If you missed out, don't despair. I made a new batch last week, in fun summer colors.
Each is one of a kind, only $7, and also bears the Five and Diamond logo.

Five and Diamond Vintage, Hudson NY.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Shame

Hardly a day goes by in my shop that someone doesn't ask
"Where do you find all this great stuff?"

Depending on how chatty I'm feeling, I either give them the long, whiny "it-ain't-easy-there's-no-secret-wholesale-vintage-warehouse" answer---

or, I just say
"Anywhere I can."

So guess where I found this fun houndstooth suit jacket yesterday?

In a dumspster about 5 houses up the street from me.

(Completely dry and odor-free, but yeah, I'll have it dry-cleaned..)

Other fun scores from this dumpster (sorry, it's gone already) included an "all I got was this stinkin' t-shirt" t-shirt, little boys' cowboy and indian PJ's and bermuda shorts

And a big old volume on homemaking/housewifery from 1928, which has already provided me with at least one full hour of fun summer reading.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Junk Buddies

I had a nice surprise visit from my friend Mary Randolph Carter  the other day.
I met Carter back in 1994 when her first JUNK book, American JUNK was published.
I had just moved up to the country, and was obsessed with yard sales, flea markets, and auctions.   Within a year I was a full-fledged junk dealer myself, and Carter was one of my best customers, using a lot of my finds in her subsequent junk books Kitchen Junk, Garden Junk, and Big City Junk. 
(click these links to buy her fabulous books!)

In this next pic a small film crew joins us at one of my colossal barn sales --to shoot a pilot for a tv series. (These were the olden days, before blogs and websites...)Do I miss all that chipped Pyrex & McCoy? Nah, not really...

And even though I've come a long way since my Fred Sanford days, I still manage to have a barn full of junk.  In addition to the boyscout shirt she nabbed in the shop,  Carter also went  home with a  pansy paint-by number, some toy garden tools, vintage wallpaper border, shell-encrusted salt and peppers, plaster Indian head, sailboat/shell ashtray, felt owl string holder, and home-made patchwork mushrooms (who could live without them?) 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun Times in Hudson, NY

B&W Window w/Duke and Duchess Scrim June 08
Wow, what a crazy week it's been around here. And I can't even relax on my day off because I have to pack my truck today for Brimfield tomorrow...

This is this years quintessential Fourth of July Dress:the 4 July Dress '08
Slinky 40s rayon--- I pulled it out of my home closet and brought it over to the store just for the holiday week. It sold on Thursday. I miss it already.

...On Friday I got to wear my vintage Pake Muu to a fabulous 4th of July luau here in Hudson.
my Pake MuuThese are fitted Hawaiian dresses with bat-wing sleeves, made of wonderful colorful rayon prints. I got mine about 6 years ago and this was the first time I ever wore it. These dresses go for several hundred dollars apiece on ebay. I will keep mine as long as I can squeeze into it. And I mean squeeze.

Then on Saturday night there was a Pajama Party in town. At Five and Diamond we had a huge run on negligees


And Paris Garters (Holly and I are hoping to start a trend)...
Paris Garters, Me and Holly are starting a trend(Suspenders, Hat, Vest, and DJ Gio's underwear also from Five and Diamond Vintage ...)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

p-P-p0InTy bRa aNd BlAcK StoCkInGz

This week I had the pleasure of posing for artist Gretchen Kelly.