Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've Been Discovered

Five and Diamond Vintage, appearing now, in the December issue of LUCKY Magazine!  THE magazine of Shopping and Style.

"Charmingly shabby....always freshly stocked..."

The people at Lucky were extremely nice and very thorough... they restyled half the store for interior photos, but didn't use them--- so you will just have to travel to Hudson and discover what's inside yourself. I am buried here under mountains of fresh merchandise... Here's a few new arrivals that are not sold yet.....

This week's model, Lucie, walked in on Friday and said she needed a dress to get married in. Not a wedding gown, a dress to get married in---the next day. Here's the dress (and boots) she bought for her ceremony at City Hall.   Perfect....
and Congratulations!

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cinthia said...

LOVE that dress...classy as heck!