Thursday, July 29, 2010

clothesline candy

Did a lot of dyeing this week  (Nothing like sweating over a lobster pot of boiling clothes on a 85° day---).   Some of this stuff will be showing up on the racks today... the blue dress in the middle is already in the madmen window....

Here's my post from a year ago which goes into more detail.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the mad men windows

   Last week, in anticipation of the Mad Men season premier, I hunkered down and put a little extra effort in the shop windows.  (Generally speaking, I dread dressing the windows;  I rarely have any good creative ideas to speak of, and I have to worry about the clothing getting ruined by the sun---so I have to change them often.)

For the 5th Street window I painted a big Don Draper silhouette onto a roll of paper,
 cut it out, ironed it (it got rumply from the paint),  and taped it to the inside of the glass.  (I supposed I could have just painted the silhouette directly on the glass but I was in improvisation mode...)


For the Diamond Street window I made a giant stencil--
Drawn freehand  (woopsie on that right leg--)
Cut out

 spray-painted onto a white sheet,
and hung on a rod.

It was worth the extra effort -- more window compliments are rolling in than ever before (including props on my favorite local blog),
and all I have to do for the next several weeks is rotate some fun mid-60s dresses on the dress forms.   

I'm guessing I won't have to answer one of the many questions I am getting tired of ... "Have you seen that show Mad Men?"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Atalandi, Come Back!

I bought this dress last Wednesday at Brimfield.  (Looked a mess, yes, but had absolutley nothing wrong with it- Just had been disassembled at the seams by a seamstress who was about to alter it.)  On Thursday I put it back together, and on Friday I sold it to Atalandi:
Atalandi was/is visiting from London, had been in the store a couple of years ago, but had to google around to find me again.   She found this blog.
Now I'm hoping she'll visit the blog again, because she left without the matching belt for the dress (paying cash and only telling me her first name).  It's one of the tragedies of the vintage clothing business; self-matching belts getting separated from their dresses!

While I'm on the subject--Here's another woman I'm looking for:

She bought this 40's rayon skirt suit over two years ago---
and I'm still waiting for her to walk in again so I can present her with the matching belt.