Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Madonna Head to Toe

I would have preferred to be the "Blonde Ambition" Madonna for Halloween this year, but this costume was still fun and relatively easy to assemble. The combat boots I borrowed from my shop Five and Diamond Vintage, in Hudson NY ( keywords for you search engines out there--). The jacket, which I had to butcher somewhat, was $3 from Sals. I made the collar and cuffs from a remnant in one of my many rag bags--it was a pretty lucky near-match to the original "Desperatly Seeking Susan" Pyramid Jacket trim.

I did have to spend about 2 bucks in the craft department at (*gasp*) Wal-Mart to create the back of the jacket, and, had to hit the dollar store for jelly bracelets. Everything else (including about a dozen rosaries) I had lying around the house.
Oh wait aminute, that's not true. I also drove 25 miles to a special junk store across the river to buy exactly the right pair of shitty plastic 80s sunglasses for $1. But hey, it was a beautiful autumn day.

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Trixie said...

My first year of Film school. NYU. 1987.

Susan Seidelman was a director right out of NYU, so of course we all studied her.

The movie captured an era. The fashion sense - you captured that here.

That full-length photo of you....great! Who's the photog?