Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I collect old photos, especially if they include fabulous vintage fashion. One day I was in the Whatnot Shop here in Hudson and saw these girls peeking out from a big box full of old photos.
I was struck by the wild, asymmetrical deco polka dot pattern on the blouse of the girl in front.

As it turned out, the photo had been splattered with coffee. Hmph.

I bought the photo anyway, and used the idea for this pencil skirt I made last year.

The polka dots are reverse-appliqued and are added only when the skirt is worn and a friend commissions a new dot for it (thus making the skirt something of an ongoing work of communal art). So far the skirt has 2 on front and 2 on back.

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Agnes said...

"Two on the front and two on the back."

Well, aren't YOU popular!