Monday, November 5, 2007

Kooky Rain Suit!

Sometimes people walk into my shop with clothing that has been hanging in their closet for 30+ years ;clothing that they are finally ready to part with. They know I'll find it a good, proper home.
Saturday a woman came in with her prized Italian ca 1970 Vinyl Rainsuit. This is one of the more unusual ensembles I've seen in a while.
Very fitted zip front slacks, with a matching CULOTTE-PONCHO....hey, isn't that an oxymoron?
You have to step into the poncho after you get the (teeny) pants on! What the ...?!
An absolute nightmare when you have to pee!
You might as well be in a straight jacket!

I wonder if it had a matching floppy hat or umbrella....


aaron said...

it has a very dc comic look to it. i totally dig it!

Rose Marie said...

Oh I remember this look, it had matching gloves, rainboots, and sunglasses as well.