Tuesday, March 14, 2017

30 dresses, April 2012

Snow day distraction, digging around in photo library.
Photos from the 30 Dresses event in April 2012.
The idea was to celebrate spring by wearing a dress or skirt every day and posting in on facebook in the group we created.
My theme that year was to photograph myself around Hudson.
Liberal use of photoshop, of course.
Funny how dated these seem, only 5 years later...

The Allen Street School

Long Alley behind TSL


Long Alley with wallpaper boards rescued from a dumpster

Chiffon wrangling at CLC

Diamond STreet

Eddie's Barn in Long Alley, Dresses by Catherine Ogust

the Armory

Saint Winifred

Long Alley

that kooky house with no way to get inside

north Bay

Furgary Boat Club/ Fishing Shack Village

Iron Horse Bar

Hudson Library /orphanage /lunatic Asylum

how to bike in a skirt -Hudson Lighthouse

Paisley at Olana

Hudson Opera House

Partition Street

South Bay wilds

Plumb- Bronson House

Robert Taylor House

Boat Launch on 100th Anniversary of sinking Titanic

Hudson Train Station

at the shop in the Frida window 

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