Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Demoiselles D'Avignon Picasso Halloween Costume

Hello there and long time no see again. Quickie post of last year's (2015) Picasso Halloween Costume.     (To see my 2014 effort, click here...as I entered a national contest and probably don't have the rights to my own photos anymore....)

Anyway Had been wanting to do this Picasso costume for a few years now.   I got  Gretchen on board to collaborate with me, and we recruited 4 friends to wear costumes to flesh us out so we'd have the whole painting represented, along with our Picasso in stripes.

Gretchen and I wore cardboard costumes.

The rest of the girls wore painted vintage slips and nighties, along with hand held masks.

(detail from my costume; grommeted cardboard for a corseted torso)

(More photos I still have to dig up show my mask-under-my mask, and details of my feet slippers.)  

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