Friday, May 15, 2009

Not-so-Secret Sources

...Part one in a series where I actually divulge some of my secret vintage sources!...

As I think I've whined here before, customers regularly ask me:

"Where do you get all this great stuff?"

(as if I would grab a piece of paper and write down the secret location of a big wholesale warehouse full of yummy vintage  for them...)

The simple answer is this:

 Everywhere and anywhere I can.
I'm a born treasure hunter, and if there is vintage nearby I will sniff it out.
For example, 
Check out this trove of vintage I discovered just last week:

Take a wild guess where it was. Go ahead, take a shot...
I'll pan out a bit:

--- look closely now---
...Here's another view...

I was at the freakin' mall!
Right across from Radio Shack and Build-A-Bear...

Huge store, called Capital Costume, with vintage furnishings and costume supplies as well, all reasonably priced.  Most of the really great dresses were out of my price range (for resale), but I did manage to buy some cheaper damaged things that I can repair, as well as these fab late-60s go-go boots

just in time for Trixie and Gio's You-can-Wear-White Party next week.

Next week, I'll tell you about the incredible house call I went on on Mother's Day...the 90-some year old pack-rat hadn't thrown away a stitch of clothing since 1949. 
I need someone to model some of these clothes for me for the next blog...sizes 6 through 12 (she gained weight over those 60 years)...So come on in and play dress-up with me....

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