Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Chi-Chi

There's nothing I love more than buying an old dress from its original owner.  

This is Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi and her mid-50s black and red party dress with the 23 inch waist and the rhinestone buttons.

Chi-Chi called me out of the blue yesterday and invited me out to her family's (18th C) dairy farm in Hillsdale to look at a bunch of old clothes she wanted to get rid of.  A customer at Chi-Chi's "Self Serve Tag Sale (Put the money in the Can Thank You)" told her about me and Chi-Chi acted on the tip.
(By the way, Chi-chi makes her own reinforced and grommeted tent flaps out of awning remnants and fabrics from the sale bin at Joanne's Fabrics--- Kudos!)

Anyway- Here are a just few more of Chi-chis (and her mother's) dresses that I will be ironing tomorrow when I open up. I promised to find them good homes.


inkysocks said...

i love this tent!

inkysocks said...

i love this tent!

Anonymous said...

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