Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Shame

Hardly a day goes by in my shop that someone doesn't ask
"Where do you find all this great stuff?"

Depending on how chatty I'm feeling, I either give them the long, whiny "it-ain't-easy-there's-no-secret-wholesale-vintage-warehouse" answer---

or, I just say
"Anywhere I can."

So guess where I found this fun houndstooth suit jacket yesterday?

In a dumspster about 5 houses up the street from me.

(Completely dry and odor-free, but yeah, I'll have it dry-cleaned..)

Other fun scores from this dumpster (sorry, it's gone already) included an "all I got was this stinkin' t-shirt" t-shirt, little boys' cowboy and indian PJ's and bermuda shorts

And a big old volume on homemaking/housewifery from 1928, which has already provided me with at least one full hour of fun summer reading.

1 comment:

North Fifth Street said...

I want the Florida shirt, the Budweiser shorts, and the "watermelon print" (?) shorts. What time can I stop by to pick the up?