Monday, July 14, 2008

Junk Buddies

I had a nice surprise visit from my friend Mary Randolph Carter  the other day.
I met Carter back in 1994 when her first JUNK book, American JUNK was published.
I had just moved up to the country, and was obsessed with yard sales, flea markets, and auctions.   Within a year I was a full-fledged junk dealer myself, and Carter was one of my best customers, using a lot of my finds in her subsequent junk books Kitchen Junk, Garden Junk, and Big City Junk. 
(click these links to buy her fabulous books!)

In this next pic a small film crew joins us at one of my colossal barn sales --to shoot a pilot for a tv series. (These were the olden days, before blogs and websites...)Do I miss all that chipped Pyrex & McCoy? Nah, not really...

And even though I've come a long way since my Fred Sanford days, I still manage to have a barn full of junk.  In addition to the boyscout shirt she nabbed in the shop,  Carter also went  home with a  pansy paint-by number, some toy garden tools, vintage wallpaper border, shell-encrusted salt and peppers, plaster Indian head, sailboat/shell ashtray, felt owl string holder, and home-made patchwork mushrooms (who could live without them?) 


Flower Power said...

Hey! :)

Your stuff looks awesome! I love antiques. They are a window to our past. The same goes for vintage clothing, which is a wearable antique. ;)

I found you by clicking on my own interests. It appears we both like recycling. It appears we both like more than that. Very cool. ;)

Where is your store?

It's nice to meet you.

Take care. :)


The Factchecker said...

Was that one of MY Boy Scouts shirts? That hung on a clothesline at The Lure one night along with my underwear?