Monday, May 9, 2011

Brimfield Bound!

I'm making a major de-cluttering effort this week; headed to the Brimfield Flea Market in Massachusetts with a big van-load of draperies, tablecloths, dishtowels, tchotchkes, artwork,  ephemera, odds,  ends, etc etc etc.    All the stuff I would love to be selling in my shop but simply don't have enough space for.    Here's a tiny sampling of some of the stuff I've dug up from the hoard:

vintage knitting books and mags

                                          vinyl Barbie cases
                                           Vintage 70s Spider-Man sleeping bags
                                                scads of yummy textiles
                                                    including an electric SHEET (?!)

   and a Roadster bedspread:

Scads of antique lace trims (which I have lovingly measured and packaged)

                                                      A Remington Portable Typewriter

and a few pieces of choice clothing, including these amazing old lace up Renaissance-y boots.

If you're a Brimfielder, come stop by at the Meadows, along the west side fence.   I'll be there hanging/selling with Meri of Sideshow, Tues-wed-Thursday.  Weather's supposed to be gorgeous, and I'll be making my traditional Brimfield Penut-butter and Jelly sandwiches (BYOmilk).
 Five and Diamond will be closed on Thursday and will re-open Friday the 13th.    Seeya!

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roselle said...

Hope you and Meri sell a ton! Have fun in the sun. Your stuff looked terrific! The typewriter is a relic (which makes me one, too!)