Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Handmade Valentines

I finished the shirt from the sew-along and I'm happy with it.  Towards the end of construction I asked Alan to model it for me for the sew-along flickr group and not only did it fit him well, he really, really liked it.

Since we have a tradition of handmade-only Valentine Day gifts in this house, it became his Valentines gift.
The Valentines Alan makes for me are always made of wood.  This year I dropped a hint back around Christmas time, when I was setting up my vintage miniature Christmas.
I've always wanted a miniature (1/12th scale) dress form, but would never tolerate a modern, cheezily manufactured one. So he carved me one out of wood.
It is 5 inches high and has sweet little cabriole-shape legs just like full-size ones in my shop.  Perfect!
(The collage behind it is the Valentine Card I made for Alan. I didn't realize when I chose the central image that the man in the etching was holding a knife- oops--)

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inkysocks said...

i'm so impressed--i love it!