Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank You Mrs. Poor!

Last weekend while I was away a woman came in and dropped off two old organza dresses as a donation.  All I know is that her name was Mrs. Poor.  She did not want money, and she did not leave a phone number. She just wanted to find a good home for some old dresses.
One dress was super-quaint/costumey, but quite dingy-- and to my surprise someone asked if they could buy it yesterday, before I could even remove it from its wire hanger and wash it.

The other one was this full length 1930s gown, with tiny white stars all over it.
It has a built-in taffeta slip, with a super-full trumpeted skirt with gathered flounce in back, plus the flouncy bib collar.  I made several minor repairs and added the new/old celluloid buckle to the front sash.   Usually dresses from this era are in tiny sizes, so naturally I was pretty delighted when I  discovered this fit me.  Flag Day is today and I want to wear it at least once before I move it along...

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North Fifth Street said...

"She just wanted to find a good home for some old dresses." My heart stopped for a moment.