Monday, January 4, 2010

Letting go

This is Tommy Sharp, of the Hudson City Ramblers.

Tommy bought this amazing wool gabardine western shirt from me a couple months back. It was a rather expensive shirt, but I didn't make one penny on it.
I'd bought it for myself nearly 20 years ago, in a vintage clothing store on Bleeker Street named Chameleon, where I also worked for about 30 seconds, mending clothes in the basement/storeroom.
The shirt cost me $90, which trust me, was an extraordinary purchase for me at the time.  I paid for it in installments.

Oddly enough, over all these years- I wore it only once--- maybe, MaaaaaaYbe twice,


but in 5 years of having the shop I still haven't been able to bring myself to offer it for sale.

When Tommy came in looking for something special, I dug the shirt out of the back room, not really thinking he'd bite. I was wrong...but, I have no regrets. When I saw him sporting it on his facebook page a couple of weeks later I knew I'd waited for the right moment to part with it.


Chris said...

Great story. someone posted on my blog and recommended this shop. I will definitely be checking it out! See you this weekend.

Chris Mundy

Chris said...

Someone commented on my blog post about visiting Hudson this weekend, recommending your store. Looks like fun. See you soon!

Chris Mundy

Anonymous said...

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