Friday, April 17, 2009

Pernille in My Grey Garden

Finally some warmer spring weather around here this week!blue velvet
Not to mention all the building Grey Gardens anticipation...

Pernille, Buddah and I decided to do an Edie-Edie inspired fashion shoot.
Pernille and Buddah
(Turns out we didn't have to look any further than my own back yard for the perfect dingy, grey backdrop.)
faux cheetah coat over crepe evening gown
The clothes are a combination of stuff I've had forever, stuff I just got last week in Vermont, and stuff I've hidden away upstairs because it's too fragile to hang in the shop, like this amazing chiffon and lace 1920s garden dress, in mint condition:
1920s lace & chiffon
Check out the whole set of photos here.

And have a Great Weekend!

1 comment:

hallie said...

as per usual you "costume" was spot on each time.
You look amazing!