Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lost art of the hemmed patch

This ca 1930 undershirt doesn't look like much in this picture: but it's made of extremely fine knit silk and has gusseted/ reinforced armholes. All in all, rather precious in its simplicity/antiquity, and,
I had a couple of people drooling over it already --but I didn't want to sell it until I could mend a bunch of small holes it had along the bottom hem.
Blogger wouldn't let me upload more than 5 pics, so you'll have to click on this composite to get the gist of it. The hemmed patch is basically a reverse applique, that is finished off so no raw edges are exposed. Tidy and loving, for a special garment you're not ready to throw in the rag bin.

Very recession chic.
Before: After:

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us said...

It looks like a cool new approach to quilting.