Friday, September 12, 2008

Gallery of dubious trend ideas

Remember a couple months ago when I mentioned starting a Paris garter trend? ...

From Five and Diamond Vintage

Yeah, never happened.

Today, as it rained outside I managed to piss away at least an hour dredging up lame fashion trend ideas out of my iphoto library.
 Some more original than others, none worth persuing.  Play along with me anyway... 

1) Corset as outer garment:
(seen it, been there, done that)

2) Sleeves removed but cuffs saved and worn:
(I just loved the big mother-of pearl buttons)

3) Dog collars
(mine has a local dog-shaped tag, from 1911, a fantastic charm)

4) Similarly, cat collars, but worn on the ankle:
(the little bell keeps the birdies safe from harm)

5) Vintage sweater clasps worn between the lapels of an old scoop-neck vest:
(This one I think is quite viable actually)

And ...last but not least---
6) Hair Nets!:

My first attempt was very Donald Trump!


Gretchen Kelly said...

Now there's a trend - a comb-over for women and held by a fashionably glamourous HAIRNET! LOVE IT! You should be writing for "W".

North Fifth Street said...

Combovers are VERY Hudson...