Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimsuit Issue Volume II !

Quickly, before I head over to open up shop--- Just a few more swimsuits from Five and Diamond that showed up at Trixie's fabulous swimsuit party last night.
Jessie stole the show in this brown 50s bombshell one-piece. She won best costume for looking so damn hot! (Hello- I felt like a proud grandmother;  I pulled that suit out of my personal collection and brought over to the shop just yesterday...)
Then there was the classic black wool suit from the 30's (how did this girl dance all night in that hot itchy thing?==extra kudos!)

And let's not forget Homer, who scored the only Borat thong I've ever let pass through my doors. (You gotta love this town.)

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Gretchen Kelly said...

I do I do I do LOVE LOVE LOVE this town. Your blog is great and I am so bummed that I missed the other night! That banana hammock takes the cake or should I say packs the meat! What did you wear? Dare you post your pinup pic? Hey I am going to start painting these dressing room shots today.....