Monday, December 3, 2007

more trash into treasure

Princess Mitzy, the Five and Diamond shop cat,
became very attached to the snowman costume last week.
Yesterday I had to choose between making a bed for her, or having her return to sleeping and shedding all over the merchandise again, once I put Frosty back into storage.

Meanwhile, back at home, I have a pile of non-biodegradable items always hanging in limbo, waiting for a second life; an old polyfill mattress cover, and some corrugated plastic political lawn signs (I'd been feeling especially pissy about what to do with these, and wondering how many were already in the landfill...).

Long story short, the princess was pleased.


Trixie said...

ok, Lisa, your fans are waiting...

North Fifth Street said...

"...Historic Hudson or the DAR museum."


No no no no no no no no no.


Please. Hudson needs a serious repository for our history, and we don't have that yet. So hold onto everything until that venue/resource/museum does exist.

And then we can toast you in a room dedicated to you, your collections, and your love of Hudson.