Monday, October 1, 2007

When life gives you schmattas

The five and diamond label ( a rubber stamp on silk ribbon), gets put on every original created-on-premises piece.

When I find a garment that has a great print, but is otherwise pretty hideous style-wise, or has "issues" (as we like to call irreparable damage in the vintage clothing biz), I turn it into something else; usually a halter top or an apron. Sometimes I get more ambitious....Sometimes.

Here's a schmatta I turned into a halter top:

An XXL housedress

Whose skirt I turned into a bikini, from a vintage pattern:

Here's a $10 sequined evening gown, it's issue being that it was gag-me powder blue:

I turned it into a prize-winning halloween costume:

A Stained Mammy tablecloth from the 40s became a halter top:This was more ambitious than it looks, as it is lined, made from a 60 year old pattern, and I was trying to place a mammy on each mammary.

oh yes and PS I almost forgot to mention: I am the upstate NY expert on vintage clothing. :)


Trixie said...


OK, so I knew you were talented....but I really had no idea.

You can turn an old rag into something fabulous...or maybe an old HAG like myself.

You turn lead into gold.

You're the Queen Midas of Hudson!

aaron said...

you are totally fab!

Rose Marie said...

Hon, why you gotta make your own clothes when we got a Fashion Bug right here in town next to Wal-Mart?

Pixelnaiad said...

like it! great creativity! maybe you could put it in your window for just this saturday if you still have it, in honor of the coney island mermaid parade. Sorry you can't make it this year. Hope that Pride weekend is good for you!

thanks for showing me that darted skirt!